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Introducing the XF560 Mower
Deutscher Mowers
21 March 2018
3 December 2020
1.07 minutes

A few of these upgrades include the use of metric bolts where possible, aiding assembly and repair of the mower, full powder coating of the mower deck and top cover to increase product life and narrowing of the wheel track and chassis rails increasing the manoeuvrability of the mower around objects.

Order numbers remain the same so the 56cm (22”) side discharge mower can still be ordered as -

36214 - Briggs & Stratton powered (850 series)

36215 - Honda powered (GSV 190)

Please note - this mower is also available as a 48cm (19”) cut rear discharge mower called the XF480 (or crop row mower) that can be ordered as-

36218 – Briggs & Stratton powered (850 series)

36216 – Honda powered (GSV 190)

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  • Mr Peter R Blake says:
    Can I please get a price for this product? regards Peter
    28/09/2020 19:06:49
  • Imelda says:
    Kindly send me a quote for this lawn mower. Also do you ship to Nairobi, Kenya ?
    06/10/2020 23:57:25
  • Alan Roadknight says:
    Can you provide a price for the 560?
    25/10/2020 17:26:11
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