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Blog«F models the old girls just keep on keeping on
F models the old girls just keep on keeping on
Deutscher Mowers
13 May 2020
30 November 2021
1.20 minutes
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Thanks to one of our avid fans David Nicholson of Kootingal, NSW for sending this through.

Thought you might enjoy this: Purchased around 1970 (I think) by my father. Has been in use every summer since, including 1.2km airstrip. Just rebuild, only new rings, and valve guides to bring back into specifications. Cannot turn over on compression by hand, does not use oil. Gearbox only needed new seals and input shaft bearings. Now back in use after drought mowing my own airstrip. A tribute to past engineers. enjoy.

Our Financial Control Peter, says There’s still quite a lot of the old F models in service. Spare parts are now no longer available, but the old girls just keep on keeping on, to steal a phrase.

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  • Lavina says:
    We have a F26 model canyou tell me what year it was made. and any other details.
    28/07/2021 18:17:05
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